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Search Tip:
Sample features that can be found on the map:

  • Province
  • City
  • District
  • Barangay
  • Subdivision
  • Attraction
  • Airport
  • Landmark
  • Street
  • Intersection
Sample keywords you can type on the search field:
  • Cebu (Province)
  • Makati City (City)
  • Cubao (District)
  • South Triangle (Barangay)
  • Forbes Park (Subdivision)
  • Baywalk (Attraction)
  • NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)
  • Mayon Volcano (Landmark)
  • EDSA (Street)
  • EDSA cor Shaw (Intersection)

You can find specific locations on mapcentral by doing this way:
For example, you might want to search for a street in Quezon City (e.g., Sct Borromeo, Quezon City)
In the Quick Search tab, simply enter the name of the street like "Sct Borromeo" in the FIND tab then enter the word "Quezon City" in the WHERE tab.

Mapcentral will then display filtered results all located in Quezon City. If a query found multiple categories, it will be displayed with corresponding counts, otherwise you will be directed to the map.