Map Tools
  • You can navigate the map by dragging the map (click and drag), or by using the Zoom In, Zoom Out (slider bar) buttons located at the left side of the map. The Reset, Print and Landmark Button can be found at the top right corner of the map.
    Map Area:
  • The map area contains the vicinity map of the selected location or establishment. An establishment icon representing the selection is displayed in the middle of the map, labeled above it is the landmarks name.
    Search Result:
  • If a query found a result, you will be directed on the map with corresponding location details.
  • If a query found multiple categories, it will be displayed with corresponding counts.
    Information Details:
    The information regarding a selected landmark or location is displayed at the right side of the map area. These include:
  • Barangay
  • City/Municipality
  • Province
    Geographic Search:
  • The Geographic Search is a hierarchial search from Province to Municipal down to the Barangay designed for the convenience of the users. In this option the user must first select the Province name and so on until you reach the Barangay selection.
    Contact Us:
  • This is a feedback form for which you can easily send us your comments, suggestions, questions or inquiries.

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